Thread Lift

A PDO thread lift is a revolutionary aesthetic procedure that complements our injectable fillers and Botox! 

What is a PDO Thread Lift?

LifeHope Healing Med Spa in Alpharetta has introduced a minimally-invasive procedure called PRO tread lift to our list of treatments. PDO is short for polydioxanone; it is a cosmetic procedure that instantly lifts and tightens sagging skin and repositions it to restore a youthful and natural-looking facial contour. PDO stimulates collagen production and cellular renewal, improving your skin’s texture for lasting results. It is a minimally invasive procedure done in our office with minimal downtime.

PDO Thread Lift will leave you with younger-looking skin and improved self-confidence. You can find answers to all your questions about the PDO thread lift here, including how long the threads last and if it is right for you.

Thread lifts use temporary sutures to provide a subtle but noticeable lift to the skin. Pulling any loose facial skin up by tightening the thread, our cosmetic injector suspends it rather than removing it surgically. As a result, the skin is pulled back slightly, lifting and tightening the face. Threads are ideal for lifting the skin and stimulating the body’s “healing response” to boost collagen production. Since collagen plays an integral role in aging, this is crucial.

This process rejuvenates facial tissues continuously and gradually. A thread lift stimulates collagen, so patients will notice a gradual improvement in tone and firmness after the procedure. Since the sutured areas will want to “heal,” the body’s healing response will be constantly activated while the sutures are in place. Any foreign object detected in the dermis causes the body to react this way. We use Pro-Nox to assist with any discomfort during the treatment. After the skin heals around the sutures, most people cannot feel them at all.

How does it work?

Although PDO threads have been used for decades, they have only recently become a widely accepted cosmetic treatment. The threads were historically used as sutures during surgery. This is because they can be safely absorbed by the body over time. PDO thread lifting is considered a minimally invasive procedure. It only involves using tiny needles and threads to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. In contrast to other surgical procedures that require incisions, PDO thread lifting does not create a visible scar.

Our cosmetic injector mainly uses PDO threads with directional barbs or twists, unlike the PDO threads used for surgical sutures. The threads are placed under the skin where you need lifting and tightening. She uses a specialized cannula to inject the thread into the desired spot. By anchoring the thread, the barbs or twists ensure that your skin can be lifted to the desired location.

There’s more to it than that. Placement of the thread itself triggers collagen production in your skin, ensuring smooth and tight skin. Slowly, your skin absorbs the thread and replaces it with collagen. The results of a PDO thread lift can last for up to a year.

What are the benefits of PDO Thread Lift?

Thread lifting, also known as polydioxanone (PDO) thread therapy, reduces wrinkles, improves skin laxity, and adds contour to drooping cheeks and jowls. Compared to other skin resurfacing treatments, the PDO thread lift can rejuvenate your appearance with minimal downtime or surgery.

PDO thread lifting is considered a minimally invasive procedure. The use of PDO threads induces the production of collagen. Your body begins producing collagen in these areas as part of its natural healing process after the PDO threads are implanted under your skin. This improves the feel and texture of your skin. In addition to increasing skin density, collagen can increase skin hydration, reducing dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Skin laxity is often caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Still, thread lifting can restore plumpness to your face and make it appear fuller and more youthful.

How much does PDO Thread Lift cost?

There is no standard cost for PDO thread lifts because it depends on how many threads are needed to lift the desired area and the severity of facial sagging. It is a customizable treatment, so not everyone needs the same number of threads.

Compared to a facelift, thread lifts are less invasive and more affordable. Therefore, it is extremely popular. We can determine how much your PDO thread lift will cost after a consultation in which we will create a custom plan to meet your aesthetic goals.

Common FAQs

Threads come in several different types. We’ll recommend the best type for you based on the areas you want to address and the improvement you want.

Many areas of the face can benefit from PDO therapy, including the cheeks, brow, nasolabial folds, jawline, and neck. PDO thread lift can also be used on the body, arms, thighs, and abdomen.

In most cases, PDO thread lifts can be completed within 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the treated area. Including preparation and the time following treatment, the appointment should take no more than two hours.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that causes micro-injuries to the skin’s layers. Before treatment, patients are given a local anesthetic to ensure that they remain comfortable and relaxed.

PDO thread lifts are known for nominal side effects. It is possible to notice a little swelling and bruising that lasts a few days, and then it should fade away. You can resume your regular routine immediately, and there is minimal downtime.

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